VHCHE, Corp. provides educational information for children in underserved and underrepresented communities through the dissemination of fact sheets and materials on health and wellness and disease prevention. These materials focus on the causes, current efforts and solutions to address issues faced by uneducated children. They also highlight statistics on the interplay of geographical, social, and economic factors that influence access to education by children. We would like to work in collaboration with various children’s authors to provide affordable books to children in underserved communities.  

VHCHE, Corp. also invests in infrastructure which provides adequate learning environments for children of underserved and underprivileged communities.  Our goal is to work with our partners to build schools to provide modern learning environments to children. This will involve land acquisition, building construction, buying furniture, school supplies, and setting up a kitchen that can be used for hands-on cooking activities and also to provide a healthy and nutritious meal to children daily.  VHCHE, Corp. will also develop a sustainable training program for teacher and staff to independently manage each school. VHCHE recognizes that provision of educational opportunities is dependent on the existence of adequate learning environments. These are interrelated.

VHCHE, Corp. will also set up public libraries in collaboration with local organizations to bring educational and health resources to children, educators, and physicians in underserved communities.  Working in collaboration with children’s authors, VHCHE, Corp. will bring books to children in underserved communities and will also collect used books with the end objective to increase literacy among these children.

Our projects focus on turning young children’s educational dreams of having a safe, effective, and physically and spiritually healthy environment into reality. With this in mind, VHCHE, Corp. will partner with other institutions including schools, churches, and Boy Scout Troops with Life Scouts candidates for Eagle Rank when conducting their projects.

VHCHE, Corp. will accept the following items from an Eagle Scout project or other service projects: notebooks (most needed), pencils, pens, colored pencils, markers, crayons, pencil sharpeners, erasers, glue, tape, staplers with corresponding staples only, geometry school set, chalk, ream of copy and printer paper, gently used computers and small electronics. VHCHE will also accept simple clothing (T-shirts and sandals) and school backpacks. These items are packed in barrels twice a year (March and August) and shipped by sea to the hand of needy K-8 children at schools in underserved and underrepresented areas.

VHCHE, Corp. is open to partnership with churched to collect used church sacramentals or vessels to distribute to several dioceses in underserved communities. Most recently, a Catholic Church in Northern Virginia made generous gift of church sacramentals to VHCHE. These church sacramentals were donated to two dioceses in Cameroon.


VHCHE, Corp. also will also work in collaboration with other non-profit organizations to build schools and health clinics in communities where there are not enough schools and health centers for children.  In addition, VHCHE, Corp. will coordinate volunteers in the medical and dental fields to provide medical and dental screenings and checkups for children at all its centers and also as needed by other organizations who share common goals and objectives as VHCHE, Corp.